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    Family law

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    At Linley Welwood, we understand how emotionally difficult family law cases can be and how challenging they are to navigate without good counsel. If you are in need of some advice and assistance, we are here to help.


    Wills variation

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    If the will of a parent of spouse completely excludes you or is unfair to you, our experienced team of lawyers can help you make a wills variation claim, in order to ensure that you are adequately provided for.


    Wills, estates & trusts

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    Our personable and experienced estate planning lawyers can help you make plans and implement them to avoid any future problems. Our team can also assist you with everything from disputes and estate litigation to probate and administration.


    Business law

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    Serving business and corporate clients is one of our core activities. Our team of experienced business lawyers can provide you with a comprehensive and cost-effective spectrum of legal services for your business.


    Construction law

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    If you need help with builders’ liens, construction contracts, or are running into legal difficulties concerning a construction project, our team of experienced lawyers can help you.


    Insurance litigation

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    If an insurance company is not fulfilling their policy obligations by not paying for losses you have acquired, we can help. Our lawyers have the experience needed to represent you in court over any insurance related issues.


    Personal injury law

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    If you have been injured in a serious accident, our team of experienced lawyers can help. We focus on helping our clients through the difficult circumstances they face after an accident by providing them comprehensive legal services for their personal injury claims.


    Real estate law

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    Our team of lawyers has experience working with realtors, lenders, and developers in all areas of real estate law and development and have a well-deserved reputation for expert and timely services. We can help you with any real estate legal matter.


    Employment Law

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    Whether you are an employee or an employer, we can help you navigate your rights and responsibilities for creating a stronger employer-employee relationship.


    Lawyers in Abbotsford, BC

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    At Linley Welwood, we operate as a team. Our firm has an open-door policy, which facilitates a collaborative and constructive team work environment and it enables our legal team to provide our clients with efficient and creative solutions for every task and issue at hand.

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