Common causes of fatal vehicle accidents in Canada

Over 2,000 Canadians drivers, passengers and pedestrians are killed each year in vehicle-related accidents. Tragically, the majority of car accidents are avoidable.

The Wall Street Journal points to four avoidable reasons that crashes occur. First, drivers can make human errors that include failing to stop fully or at all for a signal or sign, or turning at the wrong time.

Second, drivers might make a miscalculation when operating a vehicle. A driver might think that he or she has time to pull through an intersection or turn onto a road, for example, but misjudge the speed of oncoming traffic, thus causing an accident.

A third common and avoidable accident cause is over-correction. Over-correction occurs when a driver over does a response to certain stimuli or conditions. If a car is skidding along the road, for example, and the driver jerks the wheel back the other direction, he or she could be over-correcting and cause the vehicle to lurch into the oncoming lane.

A fourth avoidable accident cause is hazardous driving. This is simply engaging in driving habits that are not safe, such as driving with excessive speed or weaving in or out of traffic.

All of these things can lead to fender benders, which is unfortunate, but they can also lead to fatal accidents, which is tragic. If you have lost someone in a fatal car accident that was caused by someone else's negligence or improper driving, then you might have a claim for wrongful death. Such a claim could help you cover expenses for burial and funeral and lost wages.

Source: Insurance Hotline, "When Cars Collide: Common Causes for the Dreaded Crash [Infographic]," Matthew Speiser, accessed May 13, 2016

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