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What is traffic calming and how does it prevent accidents?

If it weren't for traffic laws, a lot of British Columbia residents would take extreme risks on the road that endanger themselves and others. In fact, even with traffic laws, not everyone does what they are supposed to do, but when it comes to various "traffic calming" techniques, it doesn't matter whether people follow the law. Traffic calming is the practice of designing roads in a way that slow drivers down and make the flow of traffic safer and easier to navigate.

Common spinal injuries motorcycle accident cases

Serious injuries are common in motor vehicle accidents, and when the accident involves a motorcycle, the injuries -- particularly to the spine -- can be severe if not fatal. This article will discuss the most common types of spinal injuries from motorcycle accident cases:

Free hotline set to open for concussion victims

A new toll-free concussion hotline will be launched to service Canadians who may have suffered from this serious and often misunderstood condition. According to the physician who founded the hotline, patients often do not know what causes concussions or how to diagnose and treat them. This hotline offers key information to people during the first critical days following such an accident.

Common spine injuries associated with car crashes

Medical doctors treat motor vehicle accident victims for injuries all the time. Then, those same individuals often visit their local personal injury attorney to talk about the chances of recovering money to help pay for the financial costs associated with their accidents. As such, personal injury attorneys are often just as familiar as doctors with the most common spinal injuries associated with car crashes.

Facet joint pain and car accidents

Countless British Columbia residents deal with very painful neck issues on a daily basis. In fact, for some people, these painful neck problems never go away, and many of these neck problems are the result of car accidents. Facet joint pain is one of the most common categories of car crash related neck pain, but sometimes it isn't diagnosed right away.

New Vancouver bike lanes are confusing and dangerous

British Columbia bicyclists rely on safely marked bike lanes so that both they and motor vehicle drivers can understand them, stay organized in traffic and avoid being in an accident. However, the City of Vancouver recently upgraded its bike paths in a way that is confusing drivers and putting bicyclists at risk.

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