Common spine injuries associated with car crashes

Medical doctors treat motor vehicle accident victims for injuries all the time. Then, those same individuals often visit their local personal injury attorney to talk about the chances of recovering money to help pay for the financial costs associated with their accidents. As such, personal injury attorneys are often just as familiar as doctors with the most common spinal injuries associated with car crashes.

Cervical spine injuries relate to the part the spinal column that makes up the neck region. These injuries might involve the muscular structures that surround the neck and could include different injuries from simple whiplash that heals relatively quickly to complicated spinal cord injuries that result in lifelong disabilities.

Thoracic spine injuries relate to the upper back, just below the neck area. The thoracic spine is also connected to the ribs. Injury to the thoracic spine is less likely than other areas of the back, but connecting muscle structures, shoulders and other joints can suffer serious and debilitating injury in an automobile crash.

Lumbar spine injuries relate to the lower back. The mid-to-lower back region is highly flexible, and it is a major support structure for the body. Therefore, any damage to this area can have severe consequences.

Spinal disks throughout the back are also vulnerable to complicated injuries that may not ever heal. These disks are situated between each vertebra, allowing movement of the spine and protecting the bones, cartilage and ligaments of the joints like shock absorbers.

Spinal cord damage may also occur in a serious accident, and these kinds of injuries can result in lifelong disabilities, loss of mobility and an inability to perform one's work duties. Spinal cord injuries -- aside from serious traumatic brain injuries -- are probably the worst type of injury someone can suffer from.

Source: Kinetic Health, "Motor Vehicle Accidents," accessed Sep. 14, 2016

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