Car accident information for British Columbia

The leading cause of death in British Columbia is vehicle accidents. While most people killed in vehicle collisions are the occupants of cars, vehicles also kill cyclists, pedestrians and motorcyclists. Approximately 1.2 deaths and 18 hospitalizations happen every day in British Columbia.

Two of the leading reasons for death by vehicle are distracted driving and impaired driving. These are risk factors that cost the British Columbian health care system about $8.8 billion a year. The loss of human life -- and all the families forced to go without their fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters -- is the most tragic loss of them all.

Let's take a look at a few more important statistics for British Columbia. Over 6,600 hospitalizations are caused by car crashes each year. That equates to approximately 40,000 days spent in hospital. Annually, there are about 430 deaths caused by car crashes in our province. The highest percentage of car crash deaths involve young people between the ages of 15 and 24 -- these deaths account for 20 percent of car crash fatalities. Approximately 66 pedestrian accident deaths happen per year -- the age range of 75 to 84 years is the most vulnerable to be killed as a pedestrian.

British Columbia motorists, motorcyclists, bicyclists and pedestrians need to do whatever they can to pay attention to the roadway, avoid drinking and driving and follow the traffic laws responsibly. If an individual fails to do the above and causes a tragic accident and injuries or deaths as a result, then he or she could be financially liable in court for the damages that result. This is exactly the kind of law we practice at Linley Welwood, LLP. We help British Columbia residents pursue financial restitution related to their car accident damages.

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