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Car accidents: 1 dead in British Columbia

A collision in Maple Ridge has left one person dead and several others injured, according to local police. British Columbia RCMP, who typically investigate car accidents of this type, were on the scene to report the fatality. They have not filed charges against anyone involved in the crash at this time and are still investigating the cause of the accident. 

Car accidents: 3 people injured in British Columbia

Three men are in the hospital following a rollover crash on the Malahat, according to local sources. Car accidents involving only one vehicle are common and often result in injury to driver and passenger/s alike, as appears to be the case here. Thankfully, British Columbia law allows passengers in such a situation the same legal recourse as they would have if another driver and vehicle were involved. 

Car accidents: Woman dead in British Columbia

A woman in Burnaby tragically lost her life following a crash on the evening of Nov. 7, according to police. British Columbia authorities responsible for car accidents involving pedestrians are still in the process of investigating the particulars of the tragedy. So far, they have not filed charges against the driver involved in the crash. 

Fatal motor vehicle accidents: 1 dead in British Columbia crash

A man is dead after a vehicle struck a group of cyclists, according to local sources. Fatal motor vehicle accidents involving pedestrians or bicyclists often require considerable investigation to determine the cause, which is what British Columbia authorities are in the process of undertaking. So far, the driver involved in the crash has not been charged with a crime.

Car accidents: Pedestrian dies in British Columbia

A woman has tragically died after being struck by a car in Chilliwack on the night of Oct. 26, according to police. British Columbia RCMP, who are typically responsible for responding to car accidents, have reported that no charges have been filed against the driver involved in the crash. Their investigation is still underway at this time.

Car accidents: Cyclist hurt in hit-and-run in British Columbia

A 53-year-old man has been seriously hurt in what police are calling a hit-and-run incident. The British Columbia division of the RCMP is tasked with investigating car accidents of this type. They have reached out to the community for support in solving this case and bringing the driver involved to justice. 

Filing claims with the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia

All drivers in the province of British Columbia must receive motor vehicle accident insurance from the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, which is classified as a provincial Crown corporation. As such, British Columbia drivers involved in motor vehicle accidents must also file their injury claims related to an accident via the ICBC.

The 4 stages of car seats for children

Knowing what kind of child seat your son or daughter requires can be complicated. Once you take a look at the options, you'll find a complex list of car seat stages intended to be used at different times in your children's development. This article will offer a brief description of each of these stages so you can better navigate your car seat purchasing decisions for your children.

What should I expect after a spinal cord injury?

Following a serious spinal cord injury, British Columbia residents can expect to spend an extended period of time in hospital receiving treatment for their injuries. Treatment will include various medical techniques designed to prevent the spinal cord injury from getting worse and to help it heal as much as possible.

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