Snow and freezing rain hits province – Drivers: take care

The south coast of British Columbia has recently experienced harsher winter conditions than usual. Many areas were hit with freezing rain and snow. The severe conditions have left many drivers unprepared and at increased risk of being involved in road accidents.

Conditions have lately been so poor that over 10,000 customers experienced power outages. Road conditions have been extremely poor and public transportation was interrupted. City of Vancouver workers have had to continuously work to clear the roads, deploying a barrage of snowplows to clear the roads.

Despite the efforts, a number of accidents occurred. In light of the harsher-than-usual winter conditions this year, drivers should take extra caution when traveling the roads.

One of the best preventative measures drivers can take is to ensure that their vehicles are as winter proof as possible.

One way is to install winter tires since they provide better traction during poor conditions. Whereas the rubber in all-season tires become increasingly hard in colder temperatures, winter tires remain more supple and better able to grip snowy, icy roads. Some insurers even offer premium discounts to drivers who use winter tires – another incentive to make use of these automotive safety features.

Other tips include:

  • Paying close attention to the road
  • Slowing down gradually
  • Learning to control skidding
  • Braking slowly before making turns

It also means keeping in the car a variety of emergency items such as scrapers and brushes, shovels, jumper cables and flashlights.

By taking care with vehicles and driving, B.C. residents can better navigate the season’s more difficult conditions and stay safe.

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