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Delayed injuries after car accidents can be life changing

Every person in British Columbia or elsewhere who is involved in a crash reacts differently. Car accidents, they are often horrifying experiences. Most people go through so much emotional disorientation and mental trauma that some physical injuries that are not so obvious are left untreated. Issues that could turn out to be serious may only become apparent several days later, or even longer. For this reason, medical evaluations after any collisions are necessary.

How does a brain injury affect a victim's daily life?

Certain injuries can be life changing -- not only for British Columbia victims but also their loved ones. A brain injury, for instance, can vary in severity and the impact it has on the victim's life. Cognitive deficiencies such as memory loss are commonly associated with brain injuries. These might prevent a TBI victim from returning to a particular job, and assistance may be required to fulfill even basic tasks. 

Navigating claims after multi-vehicle car accidents

With the winter season just about over in British Columbia, many motorists may be suffering the consequences of multi-car pileups and chain-reaction crashes. News articles reporting lives lost and severe injuries suffered in car accidents on treacherous roads during the winter months are common. Many people have questions about what to do when they are involved in chain-reaction crashes, and who might face financial responsibility for injuries.

Help is available to recover damages after motorcycle accidents

British Columbia bikers are in greater danger of suffering traumatic injuries -- or worse -- than motorists in crashes involving automobiles. They also need advanced driving skills because they travel on two wheels and have virtually no protection in a collision with a car. Understandably, victims of motorcycle accidents typically suffer significantly more serious injuries than those suffered by accident victims in automobiles.

Car accidents: Who can protect your interests in ICBC claims?

Whenever individuals suffer injuries in British Columbia car accidents, the victims will likely have many unanswered questions about the ICBC claims procedures. These may include the value of their claims and how compensation is awarded for injuries suffered in car accidents. How long will it take, when should a claim be filed, and how can a legal representative help?

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