Delayed injuries after car accidents can be life changing

Every person in British Columbia or elsewhere who is involved in a crash reacts differently. Car accidents, they are often horrifying experiences. Most people go through so much emotional disorientation and mental trauma that some physical injuries that are not so obvious are left untreated. Issues that could turn out to be serious may only become apparent several days later, or even longer. For this reason, medical evaluations after any collisions are necessary.

Medical professionals may identify and treat injuries that could otherwise cause long-term health problems. Some delayed symptoms include headaches that can indicate neck or head injuries, concussion or even a dangerous blood clot in the brain. Whiplash happens in most rear-end accidents, and indications include stiffness or pain in the shoulders or neck. Back pain could mean muscle, ligament or nerve injuries, but it could be as severe as vertebrae damage. Numbness in the hands and arms can result from whiplash damage to the spinal cord or neck.

Swelling or pain of the abdomen can be a sign of internal bleeding. Dark purple bruising to extensive areas, fainting or dizziness can also indicate internal bleeding. Traumatic brain injuries can cause personality changes and impaired physical functions such as thinking or memory problems, impaired hearing or vision, depression and more. Accident victims who have nightmares and vivid recollections may have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Any of the above can have mortifying consequences if left untreated. Medical evaluations immediately after car accidents are not only important for the victim's well-being but also to provide documentation with regard to personal injury claims that may be filed in a British Columbia civil court. Some people choose to consult with an experienced personal injury lawyer immediately at the first opportunity after an accident to seek guidance and support with respect to the claims process.

Source: ktar.com, "7 delayed injury symptoms after a car crash", Dr. Alex Bigham, Accessed on March 22, 2017

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