Help is available to recover damages after motorcycle accidents

British Columbia bikers are in greater danger of suffering traumatic injuries -- or worse -- than motorists in crashes involving automobiles. They also need advanced driving skills because they travel on two wheels and have virtually no protection in a collision with a car. Understandably, victims of motorcycle accidents typically suffer significantly more serious injuries than those suffered by accident victims in automobiles.

Fractured bones are some of the most common injuries that result from motorcycle accidents. Leg fractures are typical because a motorcycle usually falls to one side in a crash -- often onto the rider's leg. Also, wrists and arms are often broken when riders attempt to break their falls by using their arms. Shoulder and pelvis fractures are also common.

Road rash of varying degrees occurs when bikers crash and land on the road surface without sufficient protective clothing. The severity of road rash can range from a mild redness of the skin to severe conditions in which torn skin exposes underlying layers of tissue and fat. Head injury and traumatic brain injury are also common results of motorcycle crashes. Crash helmets provide some level of protection, but they only lower the possibility of serious head injuries.

Bike riders must drive defensively to avoid motorcycle accidents, which are often caused by distracted or unaware vehicle operators. Victims of such crashes may face mountains of medical debts, rehabilitation costs and loss of income. While they are working to recover from serious injuries, an experienced British Columbia personal injury lawyer can investigate the accident and gather evidence of negligence in order to pursue recovery of financial and emotional losses on behalf of the victims.

Source: livestrong.com, "Common Injuries Caused by Motorcycle Accidents", Stephanie Chandler, Accessed on Feb. 25, 2017

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