Car accidents can cause bodily harm, even when it's invisible

Many people in British Columbia who are involved in car crashes think they are unscathed if there are no visible injuries. If they see no blood, and they can get out of the wreck and stand or walk, they might refuse medical evaluation. The reality is that all car accidents -- even minor ones -- can cause trauma to the bodies of the vehicle occupants.

Many times people spend more time checking the damage to their vehicles than the damage to their bodies. Some common car accident injuries may only become evident after days or weeks, and ignoring insignificant aches and pains after a crash may be detrimental in the long run. These can lead to chronic pain or other health problems. Also, there is a time limit imposed by the law regarding the length of time that claims for personal injuries can be commenced (called the statute of limitations). Delay too long, and the right to sue may be lost.

Even if an accident victim thinks there was no harm done, there is nothing to lose by having a medical evaluation. A physician may prescribe only a few day's rest or recommend chiropractic treatment, but he or she may identify an underlying injury. This might be something that necessitates surgery or costly long-term treatment, and the expenses might be recoverable.

Any British Columbia victims of car accidents that were caused by the negligence of others could have grounds for civil lawsuits. Navigating such claims can be tough to do, and the support and guidance of an experienced personal injury attorney might mean the difference between recovering damages or getting nothing. A skilled lawyer can help to establish negligence according to the evidentiary requirements of the court. 

Source: inechiropractic.com, "How to Recover After an Accident", Accessed on March 31, 2017

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