Cycling Safety for Cyclists and Drivers

Sunny days naturally draw people outdoors, especially after a long, snowy winter. For some, that means strapping on a helmet and hopping on a bicycle. Cycling safety is an important consideration for all road uses, whether you are a driver, or the one pushing the pedals.

Be Visible

A crucial element of cycling safety is visibility to drivers, pedestrians, and other cyclists. Wearing bright, reflective clothing, and attaching lights to the front and back of your bicycle help greatly with visibility. Studies have also shown that cyclists who ride with lights on in the day reduce their likelihood of being involved in a collision. Drivers should also remember to have lights on and to signal appropriately so that they are seen by cyclists. Cyclists, remember to use appropriate hand signals so other road users can anticipate your movement.


Dooring occurs when a cyclist is hit, or runs into, the open door of a car, typically on the driver's side. This is one of, or perhaps the most common, type of accident between vehicles and bicycles. This type of collision can cause significant injury, even if the cyclist is travelling at a relatively low speed. Drivers can also get ticketed, and fined for dooring, so a shoulder check before opening your door is a great practice to adopt. Cyclists in turn should be aware of potential dooring hazards when riding past parked cars.

Remember that cyclists and vehicles share the road. Take the appropriate precautions as both a driver and a cyclist. If you are injured in any type of motor vehicle accident, including as a cyclist, Linley Welwood is experienced in helping people navigate the claims process. We invite you to call today to schedule a free consultation.

Sources: Safety effects of permanent running lights for bicycles: A controlled experiment; ICBC Cycling Safety; City of Vancouver Cycling Safety Report

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