Car accidents on icy roads may be blamed on negligent drivers

Some British Columbia residents may be suffering the consequences of winter crashes that caused them injuries along with subsequent medical expenses. They may be under the impression that other drivers in car accidents that were caused by icy road conditions cannot be held responsible. However, personal injury claims are based upon evidence of negligence, and drivers who fail to adapt their driving to adverse weather conditions can be held liable in civil court.

Every driver owes others in or near the roadway a duty of care. A breach of that duty can cause others financial and emotional damages. When a driver gets behind the wheel of a car, he or she must be equipped to handle the vehicle in any conditions. Drivers are expected to take particular care on roads that are wet or covered with ice or snow. Following distances must be increased, speed must be reduced and every driver must be on the lookout for icy patches or other hazardous conditions.

When there is a collision between two vehicles on an ice-covered road, the driver of the car that initiates the contact is likely the one who will be held responsible. Although that driver may attempt to put the blame on the icy road conditions, liability may still attach. That person's failure to take due care and adapt to the adverse road conditions may result in financial responsibility for any damages caused by a crash.

British Columbia victims of car accidents who thought they had to cope with the financial consequences on their own may find comfort learning that they may have grounds for personal injury claims in civil court. The most logical step might be a consultation with an experienced personal injury lawyer to set the ball rolling on gathering the necessary evidence to present to the court. With the skilled advocacy of legal counsel, an injured victim can pursue recovery of financial and emotional damages sustained.

Source: FindLaw, "When Ice Causes a Car Accident, Who's Liable?", George Khoury, Accessed on April 27, 2017

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