The true cost of traumatic brain injury

Victims of any type of accident -- car accidents, slip-and-fall accidents and more -- who suffered broken bones, serious gashes or even spinal cord damage that leave them paralysed may find that people understand and accept their injuries. Sadly, those who suffer so-called invisible injuries often find that people cannot relate to their suffering. Many brain injury victims in British Columbia and elsewhere find themselves isolated with their trauma, and little compassion from others who cannot necessarily see the damage caused by the accident. A significant part of the life of a TBI victim, along with a sizeable amount of money, is spent on therapists who help the person cope with situations that never used to be challenging before the injury.

Not all brain injuries render victims physically impaired. Many recover physically but experience significant psychological and emotional challenges after suffering traumatic brain injuries. Anxiety is reported to be one of the primary complications of this type of injury. One victim said she is often told to stop being stressed or anxious, and she sometimes wonders why nobody tells a paraplegic to stop sitting in a wheelchair and get up and walk.

TBI victims are prone to suffer panic attacks -- especially if they are among large groups of people or in areas with excessive noise. Subconscious memories can also trigger these attacks, as one victim explained; she suffered a brain injury when she slipped and fell on a walkway covered with ice. Her first panic attack happened as the next winter season approached, in anticipation of dangerous, icy sidewalks. This is not something anybody can control, and it is an experience that can leave a victim exhausted and in a zombie-like trance for days.

While a victim of a brain injury in British Columbia can pursue recovery of damages by filing a personal injury lawsuit against a party believed responsible in a civil court, establishing an appropriare dollar amount to claim may need the help of a professional. Based on reports from physicians, therapists and other care providers -- along with additional items of damages -- an experienced personal injury lawyer can establish the value of damages to pursue. This will cover all past and future medical and therapy costs along with lost earning capacity and emotional damages sustained.

Source: The Huffington Post, "Anxiety, Depression and Traumatic Brain Injury", Amy Zellmer, Accessed on April 21, 2017

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