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British Columbia's drunk driving laws prevent car accidents

Impaired driving is a major issue across the country and beyond. In British Columbia, laws have been put in place to prevent car accidents, injury and death related to drunk driving. Advocacy organizations are pointing to the province as a model for how other parts of Canada should legislate against driving under the influence.

Why are elderly Canadians in more serious car accidents?

Getting a driver's license can be challenging. For many elderly people in British Columbia, keeping that license can be just as hard. This conversation is making headlines after recent data from an insurance provider showed disproportionate representation of older drivers in car accidents resulting in serious injury or death.

Car accidents in British Columbia up 23 percent in a few years

Paying attention on the road is important any time of year. However, it has been an even more central topic of conversation recently when the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) released startling statistics. They report that car accidents in the province have increased 23 percent over the past few years.

Officers startled by impaired drivers and risk of car accidents

The roads are full of drivers, construction workers, pedestrians and police officers looking to keep the streets safe. Impaired drivers can threaten the safety of all of these people and cause serious car accidents. British Columbia residents were reminded of this fact in late July, when a drunk driver sped through a police roadblock in Victoria.

Self-driving wheelchairs may help those with spinal cord injuries

Canadians with disabilities often seek technology to accomplish daily tasks. Those with spinal cord injuries across British Columbia may have a new option soon. A team of researchers have developed self-driving technology for power wheelchairs.

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