Car accidents in British Columbia up 23 percent in a few years

Paying attention on the road is important any time of year. However, it has been an even more central topic of conversation recently when the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) released startling statistics. They report that car accidents in the province have increased 23 percent over the past few years.

According to the organization, collisions rose to 320,000 last year. This is an average for 875 car accidents per day province-wide. This increase led to research by Insights West and ICBC to understand the causes of these accidents in British Columbia.

According to respondents, avoidable driver behaviour was to blame for most collisions. Respondents added that drivers are worse than five years prior. Cell phones have led to more distracted driving, while aggression and impatience seems to be on the rise.

Most of the respondents categorized themselves as "good" or "excellent" drivers. However, two thirds struggled to properly answer road test questions and said they ignored certain rules when they were rushing behind the wheel. Additionally, 18 percent reported to drive aggressively, and 99 percent admitted to driving while upset.

A new online driving campaign from ICBC urges drivers across British Columbia to refresh their knowledge about driving safety and consider how emotions, hurrying, and distractions can impact safety on the road. The campaign will remind drivers that car accidents can have serious consequences. Besides insurance increases of up to 30 percent, serious injuries and even death can result from collisions. Those who have been in an accident should contact a lawyer to better understand recourse for their injuries and losses.

Source: CBC News, "Car crashes in B.C. have gone up 23% in just a few years: ICBC", August 3, 2017

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