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Protective Athletic Gear Aims To Reduce Brain Injuries

Dr. Joseph Fisher, a professor from University of Toronto, helped conceive new protective athletic gear in an effort to reduce sports related brain injuries. Called a neuroshield collar, Dr. Fisher helped test the safety functions of the product, which restricts movement of the brain after heavy impact contact.

Clearing car accidents too quickly could have consequences

When a major collision occurs, the next steps taken can be very important for peoples' safety and any police investigations. Many British Columbia residents hope that car accidents are cleared off the road sooner, particularly in the case of minor collisions. However, there are concerns that wreckage being cleared too quickly can hinder investigations and prevent the proper collection of evidence to document exactly what happened.

What happens when you suffer a brain injury in a car accident?

Concussions are among the most common injuries resulting from accidents. Just about anyone in British Columbia is at risk for such a brain injury, in particular victims of car accidents or those who suffer sports injuries. Understanding how a concussion occurs and what its initial warning signs are can help people better manage risks and respond to an incident.

Car accidents involving cyclists increase over summer months

Every day, pedestrians, cyclists, and motor-vehicles share the roads. In order for everyone to stay safe, there are certain rules that each must follow in British Columbia. Car accidents involving pedestrians, cyclists, and motorcycles can be particularly dangerous, so it is important for any driver to be aware of how to safely share the road with everyone.

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