Harsher Penalties Might Be Down The Road For Distracted Drivers

Government officials in British Columbia are considering stricter penalties for distracted drivers.

The hope is that implementing harsher penalties will help reduce the amount of car accidents resulting in death or injury by punishing drivers financially for their actions.

The call for harsher penalties comes after news that distracted driving collisions have steadily increased to surpass impaired driving as the leading factor in accidents causing death or bodily harm in Vancouver.

Ontario Distracted Driving Penalties Looked At For Guidance

According to CBC.ca, B.C.'s Minister of Public Safety Mike Farnworth says they are looking at the new penalties Ontario recently proposed to combat distracted driving in order to gauge their approach.

Ontario recently implemented increased fines and implemented stricter penalties for distracted driving, including a $50K fine and up to 2 years in jail for accidents causing death.

Enforcing Existing Rules With Harsher Penalties

It seems that drivers are not abiding by the rules already in place, so the province feels that targeting drivers' pocketbooks will make them think twice about doing something behind the wheel that could cause an accident.

Currently, distracted drivers in B.C. can expect a ticket of up to $368 and four penalty points per offence. Repeat offenders can also face 90-day prohibitions.

What Can You Do After You've Been Injured By A Distracted Driver?

It's important to seek the advice of a personal injury lawyer after you have been injured by a distracted driver.

A lawyer can help you understand the extent of your injuries, including the long-term consequences, and can assist you with determining the amount of compensation you should pursue.

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