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New Surrey plan hopes to reduce fatal motor vehicle accidents

Lawmakers and enforcement officers use all sorts of data to decide which issues to tackle in different areas. In Surrey, British Columbia, worrying figures about fatal motor vehicle accidents has caused lawmakers to create a road safety plan. The change is in light of statistics showing that an average of 20 people die and 11,000 suffer from injuries due to car accidents on Surrey roads each year.

Immediate penalties for drunk driving may prevent car accidents

For many people across the province, holidays involve parties, presents, eating and drinking. British Columbia drivers must also remain aware of the dangers of consuming alcohol and driving as they make plans to attend these gatherings. The RCMP's Immediate Roadside Prohibition (IRP) program is designed to encourage safe behaviour and reduce car accidents from impaired driving. The program will be set up across the province to catch people who are driving under the influence.

Children's artwork may help prevent school zone car accidents

When people drive recklessly through communities and in school zones, it can put children at a serious risk. This is the message of a new British Columbia campaign using children's art, which seeks to protect schoolchildren from car accidents using their own artwork. School zones have a speed limit of 30 kilometers an hour, and the ICBC is putting efforts forth to promote the importance of following this rule to drivers across the province.

Distracted driving fines may increase to reduce car accidents

With the rise of mobile phones, distracted driving is becoming an increasingly serious risk to people on the roads. British Columbia lawmakers are considering additional ways to discourage this behaviour in order to prevent car accidents in the province. One method to curb this behaviour, according to the provincial government, is to designate distracted driving "high risk" and increase fines for those caught.

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