Proper maintenance can help avoid winter car accidents

Driving in the winter can be dangerous, especially in dark, icy or stormy conditions. There are a few simple steps British Columbia drivers can take to avoid car accidents in the colder months. In fact, much of this prevention can take place before even getting behind the wheel.

In snowy conditions, British Columbia drivers should take the time to ensure that windows, lights and mirrors are all clean and free of obstructions. Tires should also be inspected for alignment. The older a car is, the more important it is to have regular maintenance done to ensure it is safe to operate throughout the year. Anything fuel injected should be able to start in cold temperatures, provided everything is in working order.

During a pre-winter or mid-winter maintenance check, the battery should be checked along with the heating and defrost systems. Hot air needs to be able to blow on the windows and defrost the windshield. Additionally, windshield wipers should be in good condition. Car accidents can often be caused by poor visibility, especially in the winter.

For cars that don't have remote starters, it is unsafe to start a car and let it warm up without being inside of it. British Columbia drivers should dress for the outdoor weather when they first go outside so they can take the time to thoroughly clean off their cars and warm up their windshields, windows and interior before driving. There are many risks involved with driving in the winter, and car accidents can happen. Those who have been involved in a collision should contact a British Columbia lawyer right away.

Source: wandtv.com, "Car safety hacks for cold temps", Meredith Hackler, Dec. 28, 2017

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