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Protective Athletic Gear Aims To Reduce Brain Injuries

Dr. Joseph Fisher, a professor from University of Toronto, helped conceive new protective athletic gear in an effort to reduce sports related brain injuries. Called a neuroshield collar, Dr. Fisher helped test the safety functions of the product, which restricts movement of the brain after heavy impact contact.

What happens when you suffer a brain injury in a car accident?

Concussions are among the most common injuries resulting from accidents. Just about anyone in British Columbia is at risk for such a brain injury, in particular victims of car accidents or those who suffer sports injuries. Understanding how a concussion occurs and what its initial warning signs are can help people better manage risks and respond to an incident.

Acquired brain injury can cause long-term medical expenses

Sometimes, a person suffers an injury without realising it, but if it is left untreated, it can affect the victim's health and quality of life in the long term. One such an injury is an acquired brain injury, which -- according to the World Health Organization -- is a brain injury that does not have a congenital, hereditary or degenerative cause. According to ThinkFirst Canada, more than a million Canadians, including some in British Columbia, have to cope with the consequences of acquired brain injury as part of their daily lives.

The true cost of traumatic brain injury

Victims of any type of accident -- car accidents, slip-and-fall accidents and more -- who suffered broken bones, serious gashes or even spinal cord damage that leave them paralysed may find that people understand and accept their injuries. Sadly, those who suffer so-called invisible injuries often find that people cannot relate to their suffering. Many brain injury victims in British Columbia and elsewhere find themselves isolated with their trauma, and little compassion from others who cannot necessarily see the damage caused by the accident. A significant part of the life of a TBI victim, along with a sizeable amount of money, is spent on therapists who help the person cope with situations that never used to be challenging before the injury.

How does a brain injury affect a victim's daily life?

Certain injuries can be life changing -- not only for British Columbia victims but also their loved ones. A brain injury, for instance, can vary in severity and the impact it has on the victim's life. Cognitive deficiencies such as memory loss are commonly associated with brain injuries. These might prevent a TBI victim from returning to a particular job, and assistance may be required to fulfill even basic tasks. 

Driver receives 45 days in prison for striking B.C. cyclist

The life of a man struck by a drunk driver has been forever changed, according to his family. The 57-year-old British Columbia man, who was previously employed as a bus driver, suffered a catastrophic brain injury following the car accident that happened on the night of July 30, 2014. Since then, he has been unable to return to work and his family has had to help him adjust. The driver was sentenced to 45 days in prison. 

Free hotline set to open for concussion victims

A new toll-free concussion hotline will be launched to service Canadians who may have suffered from this serious and often misunderstood condition. According to the physician who founded the hotline, patients often do not know what causes concussions or how to diagnose and treat them. This hotline offers key information to people during the first critical days following such an accident.

The types and causes of traumatic brain injury

Traumatic brain injuries, or TBIs, can happen in so many different ways. There are also different kinds of TBI depending on how they happened. Fortunately, with swift treatment from medical providers, those suffering from TBI can experience some improvements and recovery. However, results will certainly vary.

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