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Legal cannabis laws aim to prevent drug-related car accidents

Driver safety has played a role in discussions about the rollout of legal cannabis in the coming year. British Columbia plans to take a firm-on-safety approach to the legalization in hopes of avoiding substance abuse and car accidents. The province will allow British Columbia residents of legal age to buy nonmedical cannabis in both private stores and online government sales.

Drivers can take precautions in winter to avoid car accidents

Winter weather brings with it a new set of challenges behind the wheel. British Columbia drivers should take certain precautions to avoid serious weather-related car accidents. Steps can be taken while driving as well as in preparing your vehicle to help stay safe in stormy winter weather.

New road test in British Columbia aims to prevent car accidents

Lawmakers and regulators often make adjustments to make the roads safer. In British Columbia, one of these adjustments in 2018 will be the enhancement of driver safety tests. By updating the road assessment, ICBC hopes to prevent unsafe drivers and reduce the risk of car accidents in the province.

Victoria police use restorative justice to prevent car accidents

Police and lawmakers often institute new initiatives to try to curb dangerous driving. Recently, British Columbia law enforcement in Victoria has piloted a program that allows distracted drivers to attend a restorative justice session in lieu of a fine. They hope that this will reduce car accidents by educating drivers about the risks of their behaviour and ensuring they are safer in the future.

Proper maintenance can help avoid winter car accidents

Driving in the winter can be dangerous, especially in dark, icy or stormy conditions. There are a few simple steps British Columbia drivers can take to avoid car accidents in the colder months. In fact, much of this prevention can take place before even getting behind the wheel.

Police efforts in Delta do not stop increase in car accidents

Officials work hard to keep roads safe, but challenges such as distracted driving make it difficult to prevent tragedies. In Delta, British Columbia, injury-related car accidents have increased 12 percent despite strong road safety efforts by law enforcement. The Delta police are focusing on community awareness and education programs while they urge local drivers to be safe and avoid collisions.

Province reviews doctors assessing victims of car accidents

Recent headlines have caused a nation-wide outcry about how accident and injury victims are assessed in Canada. British Columbia is the second province to review its system following an investigative report from the Globe and Mail in early December. They aim to review the list of doctors who may offer independent medical evaluations, or IMEs, for victims of car accidents or other accident claims. So far, one doctor has already been removed from the roster.

New drive test for seniors hopes to prevent future car accidents

Having the ability to drive safely is important for people of every age. To ensure that seniors and people with health problems are able to see, think and react as needed behind the wheel, British Columbia is introducing a new system to determine their eligibility as drivers. They hope to prevent car accidents in the province by ensuring that everyone on the roads is able to practice safe driving, as well as making the assessment easier for seniors. 

Immediate penalties for drunk driving may prevent car accidents

For many people across the province, holidays involve parties, presents, eating and drinking. British Columbia drivers must also remain aware of the dangers of consuming alcohol and driving as they make plans to attend these gatherings. The RCMP's Immediate Roadside Prohibition (IRP) program is designed to encourage safe behaviour and reduce car accidents from impaired driving. The program will be set up across the province to catch people who are driving under the influence.

Children's artwork may help prevent school zone car accidents

When people drive recklessly through communities and in school zones, it can put children at a serious risk. This is the message of a new British Columbia campaign using children's art, which seeks to protect schoolchildren from car accidents using their own artwork. School zones have a speed limit of 30 kilometers an hour, and the ICBC is putting efforts forth to promote the importance of following this rule to drivers across the province.

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