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Eight Critical Conversations for a Better Board: Starting with Number Eight

Business Lawyer, COVID-19 | July 15, 2020 | Written by Mark Warkentin

Whether you sit on a profit, non-profit, or government board, all boards have the same challenge: how do we figure out the key role that we play, and how can...

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Spousal Support and Covid-19

The economic effects of the Covid-19 pandemic have resulted in job losses and income decreases for many people. What happens to a person’s spousal support payments when a payor has...

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COVID 19 – Loss of Business Insurance

COVID-19 | June 17, 2020 | Written by Peter Loewen

With the various government stay at home orders and quarantines, many businesses will be submitting claims to their insurer under loss of income or loss of business coverage. Insurers may...

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What is the Transparency Registry and what is my company required to do?

Business Lawyer, COVID-19 | May 13, 2020 | Written by Tyler Evans

What is a transparency registry? Effective October 1, 2020, any private company incorporated in the province of British Columbia will be required to maintain, as part of its records, a...

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How is the signing of legal documentation affected by COVID-19?

COVID-19 | April 29, 2020 | Written by Tyler Evans

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues and governments and health officials repeatedly remind us to maintain social or physical distance and avoid multi-person gatherings, the processes by which people and businesses...

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Taking Care In a COVID-19 World

COVID-19, Estates & Trusts, Wills | April 22, 2020 | Written by Lorne Welwood

For the past couple of months, not a day goes by without us all hearing or reading numerous messages urging us to take particular precautions to care for our own...

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Four Alternatives for Resolving Family Matters During COVID-19

COVID-19, Family Lawyer, Mediation | April 15, 2020 | Written by Emily Anderson

Family life cannot be put on hold, and family conflicts continue to arise despite the closure of our primary dispute-resolution mechanism, the courts. The most common causes of separation and...

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Co-Parenting Through COVID-19

COVID-19 | April 8, 2020

Co-parenting is the term that refers to the parenting of children that continues after separation or divorce. Sometimes co-parenting is relatively seamless, and other times co-parents face situations that make...

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How do layoffs work in the context of COVID-19?

COVID-19, Employment Law | April 2, 2020

The recent and extensive spread of COVID-19 has led to a number of questions concerning the rights and obligations of employers and employees when facing the realities of temporary layoffs...

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Force Majeure and Frustration, in the Context of COVID-19

COVID-19 | March 27, 2020 | Written by Peter Loewen

Force Majeure refers to a superior or irresistible force or an event or effect that cannot be reasonably anticipated or controlled.  In the legal context in British Columbia, it generally...

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