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What is Collaborative Family Law?

Divorce Lawyer, Family Lawyer | August 16, 2023 | Written by Crystal Arbour

Collaborative Divorce is a process where issues arising from a relationship breakdown are dealt with entirely outside of court. It is not a new idea, but it is rising in...

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Divorce Lawyers vs. Divorce Mediators

Divorce Lawyer, Family Lawyer | February 24, 2022 | Written by Crystal Arbour

Divorce is a stressful time for any individual, especially when they are unsure of how to proceed in the legal system when legally ending their relationship with a partner. With...

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COVID Vaccinations

COVID-19, Divorce Lawyer, Family Lawyer | February 4, 2022 | Written by Crystal Arbour

Ontario – A.C. v. L.L. This is an Ontario Supreme Court decision from September of 2021. The father wished the children to attend in-person school, but would not allow it...

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How Mediation can Help with Divorce

Divorce Lawyer, Mediation | November 4, 2021 | Written by Crystal Arbour

The divorce process can be stressful and draining for both parties, especially if children are involved. While many couples take their divorce proceedings to court, mediation may be a better...

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A Parenting Plan: What is it and why do I need it?

Divorce Lawyer, Family Lawyer | February 17, 2021

When parents with children living at home separate, they must develop a parenting plan. A good parenting plan helps parents transition to a co-parenting relationship with each other and assists...

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Spousal Support and Covid-19

The economic effects of the Covid-19 pandemic have resulted in job losses and income decreases for many people. What happens to a person’s spousal support payments when a payor has...

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Divorce Lawyer vs Divorce Mediator

Divorce Lawyer | June 26, 2018

Knowing the differences between a divorce lawyer and a divorce mediator can help you make an informed decision about who you should hire to help with your divorce proceedings. At...

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