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The Impact of Family Dynamics on Wills Variation Claims

Wills Variation | October 14, 2023 | Written by Natasha Nair

Wills variation claims allow certain eligible family members to challenge the allocation of a deceased individual’s estate because it does not adequately provide for their needs or expectations. The outcome...

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When does a Will Need to be Probated?

Wills, Wills Variation | February 3, 2023 | Written by Natasha Nair

Probating is a process that verifies a will as valid under BC law. Knowing when a will needs to be probated is crucial for ensuring that the testator’s estate is...

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What Are Advance Healthcare Directives?

Wills, Wills Variation | June 28, 2022 | Written by Natasha Nair

Advance healthcare directives are legal documents that outline your wishes for medical or personal care if you become ill, injured, or cannot effectively express your wishes. While these documents are...

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Grounds for Contesting a Will

Wills, Wills Variation | May 26, 2022 | Written by Natasha Nair

The loss of a family member can be a stressful and a difficult time for anyone, especially if multiple parties have grievance with the will of the deceased. Understanding the...

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Wills Variation in B.C.

Wills Variation | March 9, 2022 | Written by Natasha Nair

Wills Variation in BC Written by Natasha Nair, Linley Welwood LLP. March 9, 2022. In British Columbia, if a will-maker has not adequately provided for their spouse and/or children, the Wills,...

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What are the Chances of Contesting a Will and Winning?

Wills, Wills Variation | July 27, 2021

As most wills are presumed to be valid by a court, it is often difficult to successfully challenge a will. When an individual or group files a wills variation claim,...

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What Happens When Beneficiaries Disagree?

Wills, Wills Variation | June 17, 2021

The passing of a loved one and the distribution of their estate can be a stressful, draining, and emotionally difficult time for all parties. Even if a testator gives significant...

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Can you Leave Someone out of a Will?

Wills, Wills Variation | April 29, 2021

Testators often give a lot of consideration to who they wish to include or exclude in their will. The intentional exclusion of a family member from a will is known...

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What an Executor Can and Cannot Do

Wills, Wills Variation | April 20, 2021

When it comes to wills and estates, executors play a crucial role in distributing assets and fulfilling the wishes of the deceased. When a person dies, their property and possessions...

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Things to Consider Before Filing a Wills Variation Claim

Wills, Wills Variation | April 15, 2021

Filing a wills variation claim can be stressful and difficult, especially if you are unsure of what information you need. There are several important things to consider before filing a...

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