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How Long Do You Have to Contest a Will?

Wills, Wills Variation | May 29, 2020

Knowing how long you have to contest a will can help prevent you from missing important deadlines. At Linley Welwood, we want to make the wills variation process for a...

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What is a Power of Attorney?

COVID-19, Estates & Trusts, Wills | May 20, 2020

What is a Power of Attorney? A Power of Attorney is a legal document that allows you to give legal authority to a trusted person (your “attorney”) to manage your...

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What is Probate all about anyway?

Estates & Trusts, Wills | May 5, 2020

For the average person, one of the most common mysteries in the legal world that touches just about everyone is the concept of “probate”. Most people know that it has...

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Taking Care In a COVID-19 World

COVID-19, Estates & Trusts, Wills | April 22, 2020

For the past couple of months, not a day goes by without us all hearing or reading numerous messages urging us to take particular precautions to care for our own...

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Legal Grounds for Contesting a Will

Wills | March 26, 2020

There are a number of legal grounds for contesting a will or estate. If you have been disinherited from your parent or spouse’s will, or a will seems unfair or...

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Differences Between Wills and Trusts

Trusts, Wills | February 6, 2020

Understanding the difference between wills and trusts will help you make informed estate planning decisions. Whether you are looking to create a will or trust, the experienced team at Linley...

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How to Write a Will in BC

Wills | December 12, 2019

Knowing how to write a will in BC can help ensure that the will you create is legally binding. At Linley Welwood, we understand how important it is to have...

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How to Avoid a Wills Variation Claim

Wills | August 29, 2019

Knowing how to avoid a wills variation claim can help prevent your family from having to deal with a stressful situation after your death. At Linley Welwood, we understand how...

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What Happens if You are Disinherited?

Wills | May 28, 2019

Understanding what happens if you are disinherited can help you determine the best way to dispute your disinheritance. At Linley Welwood, we know how shocking being disinherited can be. That...

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Do You Need a Lawyer to Make a Will in Canada?

Wills | April 25, 2019

While you technically do not need a lawyer to make a will in Canada, hiring an estate lawyer to draw up your will can offer a range of benefits that...

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