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Bad crosswalk design leads to fatal motor vehicle accidents

The design of roads and pedestrian walkways can have a major impact on the rate of collisions. When pedestrians are unsafe due to the design of roadways, the risk of fatal motor vehicle accidents goes up significantly. Some residents in Richmond, British Columbia are making their concerns about this public after a recent accident killed an elderly woman at a notoriously dangerous intersection.

New Surrey plan hopes to reduce fatal motor vehicle accidents

Lawmakers and enforcement officers use all sorts of data to decide which issues to tackle in different areas. In Surrey, British Columbia, worrying figures about fatal motor vehicle accidents has caused lawmakers to create a road safety plan. The change is in light of statistics showing that an average of 20 people die and 11,000 suffer from injuries due to car accidents on Surrey roads each year.

Too many fatal motor vehicle accidents follow distracted driving

In the fast lives of many British Columbia residents, it is almost inevitable that certain actions take place while driving because that is the only available time. It is not uncommon for a person to have a bite to eat, apply makeup, answer or send text messages and more during his or her commute to work. The need for people to multitask may be the cause of many fatal motor vehicle accidents, and distracted driving refers to much more than texting.

Fatal motor vehicle accidents: Man dies in British Columbia crash

North Vancouver authorities are still investigating a fatal crash that claimed the life of a 63-year-old man on Jan. 9. British Columbia RCMP, who are typically responsible for investigating fatal motor vehicle accidents, were on the scene shortly after 3:45 p.m. to determine the cause of the collision. They have asked for the support of the public in determining additional details about the tragedy. 

Fatal motor vehicle accidents: 1 dead in British Columbia crash

A man is dead after a vehicle struck a group of cyclists, according to local sources. Fatal motor vehicle accidents involving pedestrians or bicyclists often require considerable investigation to determine the cause, which is what British Columbia authorities are in the process of undertaking. So far, the driver involved in the crash has not been charged with a crime.

British Columbia motor vehicle accident statistics

No one plans to get an auto collision, but that does not stop them from happening. In some cases, a car crash is nothing more than an unintended accident, and no one is to blame. In other cases, police determine that one or the other driver is at fault. In these situations, injured parties can seek legal claims for financial damages against the party or parties police determine are at fault.

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