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Self-driving wheelchairs may help those with spinal cord injuries

Canadians with disabilities often seek technology to accomplish daily tasks. Those with spinal cord injuries across British Columbia may have a new option soon. A team of researchers have developed self-driving technology for power wheelchairs.

Spinal cord injuries lead to doctor seeking ban of trampolines

A doctor in another province seeks a total ban on recreational trampoline use. As a pediatric emergency room physician, she has noticed a significant increase in children needing treatment after suffering trampoline injuries over the past four years. Along with head injuries, fractured bones and strokes, spinal cord injuries -- often leading to months of rehabilitation and, in some cases, permanent disability -- were prevalent.

Spinal cord injuries can cause much more than paralysis

Some car accident injuries lead to long-term -- or even life-long -- medical problems. Spinal cord injuries are some of those, and victims can face multiple serious medical conditions along with paralysis. Although falls, violence and sports cause many such injuries, studies have shown that car accidents in British Columbia and other provinces and territories play by far the primary role, and to make this statistic even worse, one in four spinal cord injuries involves alcohol impairment.

Potential stem cell therapy for spinal cord injuries encouraging

Traumatic accidents can be devastating to victims and their families in British Columbia. Spinal cord injuries are especially troubling because so few treatment options are available.  Although there have been medical advancements in improved functioning and injury management, a cure for paralysis is not yet in sight. Researchers are looking into the neuroregenerative potential of cell therapies, and findings are encouraging but distant.

What should I expect after a spinal cord injury?

Following a serious spinal cord injury, British Columbia residents can expect to spend an extended period of time in hospital receiving treatment for their injuries. Treatment will include various medical techniques designed to prevent the spinal cord injury from getting worse and to help it heal as much as possible.

Common spine injuries associated with car crashes

Medical doctors treat motor vehicle accident victims for injuries all the time. Then, those same individuals often visit their local personal injury attorney to talk about the chances of recovering money to help pay for the financial costs associated with their accidents. As such, personal injury attorneys are often just as familiar as doctors with the most common spinal injuries associated with car crashes.

Facet joint pain and car accidents

Countless British Columbia residents deal with very painful neck issues on a daily basis. In fact, for some people, these painful neck problems never go away, and many of these neck problems are the result of car accidents. Facet joint pain is one of the most common categories of car crash related neck pain, but sometimes it isn't diagnosed right away.

What are the symptoms of spine injury after an accident?

A spine injury can change the course of someone's life in an instant, leaving the sufferer disabled and unable to carry out his or her normal work and daily life activities. The injury will also have numerous psychological and emotional side effects as the victim struggles to overcome the challenges presented by pain, disability and other social repercussions of the injury.

The enormous costs of spinal cord injuries on the economy

Spinal cord injuries are some of the most expensive to treat. Also, because people who suffer from them are sometimes disabled to the point that they can no longer hold down their regular jobs, these injuries represent an enormous burden on the Canadian economy. This article will discuss the extent of that economic burden from a societal perspective as revealed in a recent study.

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