Types of Business Law

Business Lawyer | March 4, 2021

Learning about the different types of business law will help you better understand the importance of hiring a lawyer like the ones from Linley Welwood to represent your business. Business law, also known as commercial law, encompasses a wide range of different areas that all require experience and specialized knowledge to navigate properly.

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Some of the different areas that fall under business law include:

Business Formation

Business lawyers can provide you with expert advice when you are first starting a business, such as how to properly form and register your company. Since starting a new business usually starts with filing all of the right paperwork, make sure to talk to your lawyer beforehand to go over the pros and cons of different types of business organizations and preparing the necessary paperwork correctly.

Employment Law

Ensuring that you are treating your employees fairly in the eyes of the law is vital for the overall success of your business. If you are uncertain about anything related to the hiring, firing, or everyday work standards for employees, make sure to consult with your lawyer to ensure that you are following the law to the letter to minimize the risk of financial liability.

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A reputable business lawyer can help you prepare and negotiate a wide variety of different contracts, including lease agreements, purchasing agreements, and agreements with third-party vendors. While contract law has a lot of rules that have been developed over time, business lawyers are experienced in dealing with all of the nuances that could potentially impact the enforcement of a contract.

Intellectual Property

If your business has invented a new product, it is important to ensure that you are able to protect your intellectual property and the ability to profit from your invention. While intellectual property and copyright law is extremely technical and complex, an experienced business lawyer will ensure that your business owns the exclusive rights for your product.

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Making the decision to file for bankruptcy can be complicated, especially with the different types of bankruptcy filing options available for businesses. Since each bankruptcy filing option has its own requirements and certain filing options might work better for your business than others, working closely with a business lawyer will ensure that your business completes the filing accurately and is in compliance with any requirements.

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