What Happens if You Lose a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

Understanding what happens if you lose a personal injury lawsuit can help prepare you for the challenges you will have to face if your case goes to trial and you lose. At Linley Welwood, we want to provide you with the best possible representation for your case. That is why our team of serious injury lawyers are highly trained and experienced in taking all types of personal injury cases to trial.

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What Happens After Losing a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

Some of the things that can happen after you lose a personal injury lawsuit include:

Requesting a New Trial

If your personal injury case involved a jury trial and the initial verdict goes against you, your lawyer may request a new trial depending on the circumstances. With a new trial, it may be possible to point out errors in the evidence that was presented or any errors in the judge’s rulings that may have led to the previous outcome.

If the judge does not grant a new trial, your lawyer may decide to appeal the decision in order to have your case presented in front of a higher court.

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Treatment and Medical Expenses

Losing a personal injury lawsuit can cause financial hardship, as you may have to continue to bear the costs of medical related expenses or other treatments.

Working with a Lawyer on a Contingency Basis

One of the biggest concerns that most people have when it comes to losing a personal injury lawsuit is that they will end up having to pay hefty legal fees. Choosing a lawyer who will work for you on a contingency basis can help prevent this from happening, as you will only need to pay the lawyer if you win your case. Working with a lawyer on a contingency basis can also ensure that your finances do not limit the quality of legal representation you are able to afford.

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