What is Construction Law?

Construction | March 22, 2022

Construction law is a broad and complex area of law that focuses on various aspects of construction projects. From contracts to builders liens, there are many elements that are governed by the standards outlined in BC construction law. Understanding the intricacies of construction law is crucial for ensuring that every party involved receives what they are entitled to and minimize the risk of a claim resulting in litigation. That is why the experts at Linley Welwood have compiled some information to help you understand what construction law is, why it is important, and how a construction lawyer can help.

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Construction Law – An Overview

Construction law focuses on matters related to residential or commercial construction, engineering, and related fields. Issues covered within construction law include contract disputes, negligence, bonds, guarantees and sureties, builders liens, security interests, tendering, construction claims, and other related contracts. Construction law affects many participants in the construction industry including financial institutions, surveyors, quantity surveyors, architects, builders, engineers, construction workers, and planners.

How Can a Construction Lawyer Help?

Most construction projects have a wide range of elements to track such as contracts, funding, and project scheduling. These elements can be extremely difficult to coordinate and track without assistance from a professional construction lawyer. Due to the complexity of construction law, it is important to hire a construction lawyer who will be able to help you properly address any issues related to your project.

Should you hire a construction lawyer?

While each law firm may specialize in a specific area of construction law, all construction lawyers can handle a variety of different legal issues including:

  • Construction delays due to financial issues
  • Cost overruns and change orders where the individual investing in the construction project believes that they were lied to when the deal was first made
  • Contracts between investors, contractors, employees, renters, etc.
  • Defective work claims against contractors who tried to cut corners to finish the work on a project in a cheap and poor manner due to a lack of funds to complete the project properly
  • Defects such as roofing flaws, water damage, and structural life safety issues
  • Builder’s liens
  • Insurance coverage disputes
  • Mold and mildew claims
  • Documents related to the project including loan documentation

Should a dispute or claim occur, a construction lawyer will ensure that you are aware of all the facts related to the claim and will help you consider all your available options. If court action or arbitration is the correct course of action for resolving the dispute, a construction lawyer will ensure that the claim is handled within BC’s strict two-year limitation period.

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To learn more about construction law or how a construction lawyer can help, get in touch with the team at Linley Welwood. We can be reached through our online contact form and will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding your case or current situation.

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