Why You Need a Lawyer for Your Small Business

Business Lawyer | February 17, 2022 | Written by Peter Stauffer

From employment agreements to exit strategies, there are many reasons why you need a lawyer for your small business. Whether you sell products or provide a service, a lawyer can help you navigate potential legal challenges that can arise during the formation of your business, your daily operations, and other situations. As experts in business law, the team at Linley Welwood knows how difficult it can be to handle these challenges without support. That is why we have provided a list of 6 ways that a lawyer can help with your small business to demonstrate why it is worth enlisting their services.

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6 Ways a Lawyer Can Help with Your Small Business

Lawyers can assist small businesses in the following ways:

1. Business Formation

Some of the most important legal matters need to be handled when a business is first formed. Hiring a business lawyer to help with the incorporation process can ensure that your business starts on the right foot and that no documents or other items are missed.

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2. Intellectual Property

Many businesses have some form of intellectual property that should be protected by copyright, such as devices, creations, and blueprints. Hiring a business lawyer to assist with the necessary copyright, patent, and trademark registrations will ensure that all your business’ important aspects are properly protected.

3. Employment Agreements

While many businesses tend to start as a single-person operation, additional employees are typically required to grow the company. A lawyer will be able to help a small business owner draft the required employment agreements, such as non-disclosure agreements, employment contracts for a specific duration, and non-compete agreements to hire employees and grow their team.

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4. Privacy Policies

Some businesses may require a privacy policy to ensure that all personally identifiable patient, client, or customer information remains confidential. A business lawyer can help ensure that all important information is protected to the highest standards by reviewing your privacy policy and providing feedback.

5. Defamation

Small businesses often need to take a significant amount of time to build a positive reputation in their community. That is why a falsified negative review can be devasting to growth and future success. A business lawyer will be able to help by getting a court order to take down the defamatory online posts or by sending a cease and desist letter.

6. Exit Strategies

Just as a business lawyer can help with the formation of a business, they can also help develop policies regarding the end of the business. This can include plans that allow for the business to close or for partners to buy out another partner’s share in the business.

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