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Our team of experienced business lawyers and senior staff can provide you with a full, responsive, and cost-effective spectrum of legal services for businesses, from start up to succession planning.

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“Linley Welwood has positively represented our family and companies on various legal issues for over 40 years. The whole team has been amazing over this time and I would highly recommend them to anyone. Thanks again for all the years of exceptional service and care.”
~ Ryan Venier, President, Venier Dental Group

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“I have worked with Linley Welwood for several years now and I have found their services to be more than one dimensional. From Land Conveyance, Estate Planning, Corporate Structure, along with Human Resource support, I have benefitted from their accessibility, efficiency and expert knowledge.”
~ President, Kasper Development Corp

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“Our group of companies have been served very well by Linley Welwood LLP over the years in the area of corporate law. Working with a local law firm who has considerable depth of knowledge and resources has been very important to us given the complexities of business today. Many thanks to Mark Warkentin and team for a job well done!”
~ Ken Falk, Managing Partner, Twin Maple Group of Companies

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Common questions
about business law.
  • What topics fall under business law?
  • Do I need a lawyer to incorporate a company?
  • Should I consult a business lawyer when starting a new business?
  • Why work with Linley Welwood for business law?

What topics fall under business law?

Business law covers a range of different topics, including contracts, income tax, intellectual property and data, business associations such as corporations, joint ventures and partnerships, labour law, trusts and estates, bankruptcy, and employment law, and is designed to ensure fairness and protection for everyone involved.

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Do I need a lawyer to incorporate a company?

If you are thinking of starting a new business or have been operating your business as a sole proprietor or partnership for a number of years, you should consult with a business lawyer to discuss the benefits and advantages of incorporating a company.

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We will ensure your company is set up the right way the first time!  Your business lawyer will help you set up the right share structure for your business, including the issue of shares to shareholders with the appropriate shares rights.  More importantly, we will assist you in creating a records book which will include all of the organization documents required by the Business Corporations Act of British Columbia.

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Should I consult a business lawyer when starting a new business?

Prior to entering into any formal agreements, it is always a good idea to consult with a business lawyer. There is no one size fits all approach to purchasing and selling a business. Your business lawyer will guide you through the process from the letter of intent to the final closing of the transaction. Your business lawyer can assist you various matters, such as: completing important due diligence searches, identifying key terms of the transaction, and negotiating appropriate representations and warranties for the transaction.

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Why work with Linley Welwood for business law?

We have been advising businesses in a variety of industries for over 50 years. Our business lawyers act for private companies, family businesses, farmers, developers, entrepreneurs, commercial landlords and tenants, as well as lenders and professionals. Our experienced team of business lawyers are committed to our clients, providing timely and practical legal advice.

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In addition, we recognize every successful business requires advice from a variety of professionals, So when you choose Linley Welwood, you benefit from the strong relationships we have developed with accountants, tax advisors, lenders and brokers to assist with all aspects of your transaction.


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