Motorcycles and bicycles share the road with cars and are expected to follow most of the same rules of the road. Unfortunately, they are subject to vulnerability that cars are not.

And when a motorcycle or bicycle and car collide, the smaller vehicle invariably ends up much, much worse.

At Linley Welwood LLP in Abbotsford, our personal injury lawyers understand your needs as the victim of a motorcycle accident or bicycle accident. Not only do we have experience dealing with ICBC for motorcycle and bicycle accident claims, we have dealt with many clients in your position and can guide you through the challenges you will face.

Understanding Your Injury

Part of your lawsuit will involve questions of fault and a look at the causes of your motorcycle or bicycle accident. The logistics behind your bike accident will probably be different from other vehicle accidents for a number of reasons, including:

  • Visibility: You are less visible to most vehicles. Even if you have lights, because of your smaller size it’s easier for cars to turn into your lane or cut you off.
  • Weather: You are more vulnerable to wet or icy roads, and to poor visibility caused by rain, fog and snow.
  • Lack of legal and practical knowledge: Police officers, witnesses and insurance adjusters may not understand bike-specific issues regarding your rights on the road and the practical realities of riding among cars.

You are also more vulnerable to unique motorcycle and bicycle injuries such as dooring.

Also, without a vehicle frame around you to protect you from the impact, you are vulnerable to a number of injuries, such as an increased chance of:

It’s vital to speak to a personal injury lawyer who understands your particular needs and priorities, and can speak to ICBC and get you full compensation.

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