Struck By A Car While Walking?

As a pedestrian, you are far more vulnerable to cars than you are when protected by a car frame. This means that your injuries are likely to be far more serious and more likely to include:

  • Broken bones
  • Skin and other soft tissue damage
  • Brain injury
  • Spinal injury

The circumstances of your pedestrian accident are likely to be very different from those of a car-on-car accident. Where car accidents are often due to simple error, pedestrian accident injuries often involve more complex questions of fault.

At Linley Welwood, our pedestrian accident claim lawyers will discuss both when you come in to see us.

Let Us Tell You If You Have A Case

If you were jaywalking or intoxicated when struck, you may believe that the pedestrian accident is entirely your fault and there is no point in trying to claim anything.

Please don’t.

We would rather you come in and talk to us about the specifics of your case before deciding for yourself whether you have one or not. Our consultations are free and this is an area of interest for our firm. We have helped many clients who assumed that they had no case, such as clients who were jaywalking in an area where crosswalks were too widely spaced.

Your injuries may be extensive if you were struck at high speed, but in some cases — for example, if you were hit in a parking lot — they may seem relatively minor. You may feel that perhaps it’s not worth your while to pursue a claim for “mere” soft tissue injuries.

Again, it’s better to come in and see us. Even if all you have right now are broken bones or soft tissue injuries, speak to us and get an honest opinion of your case. It’s better than assuming that you will recover fully, and losing the chance to claim for your injuries by the time you realize your injuries are more serious than you thought.

If your injuries are severe, such as a spinal cord injury or a traumatic brain injury, it’s essential to see a lawyer and protect your right to recover.

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