How did the Accident Happen?

There are a number of different types of car accidents and motor vehicle accidents, each with their own types of injuries (traumatic brain injury, head injury, spinal injury, etc.) and consequences. When you come to see us, our Abbotsford personal injury lawyers will ask you about the details of your motor vehicle accident, so that we can get an idea of the types of issues we may be dealing with.

Common Motor Vehicle Accidents

Some of the types of motor vehicle accidents we deal with include:

  • Head-on collisions: These often involve very high speeds and devastating injuries, including fatalities.
  • Rear-enders: Whiplash is a common effect of these accidents, but fault is usually not an issue. The driver of the car that is behind is often assumed to be at fault.
  • Sideswipes: When two cars brush against each other, the effects can be surprisingly damaging. Passengers are particularly prone to being injured, and it’s not uncommon for the impact to send one or both cars veering into other cars or obstacles.
  • T-bone: Often happening in intersections, these occur when one car slams into the side of another. Extensive injuries to passengers are common. Sometimes fault can be determined by looking at the timing of the traffic lights and seeing who ran a light or made an unsafe turn.
  • Multiple vehicles: These can become particularly nasty in terms of determining fault, especially when they are caused by the initial person trying to avoid an accident by slamming on the brakes and being hit from behind by other cars and causing a chain reaction.
  • Truck accidents: These are particularly complex and may involve loads as well as the vehicles themselves. The injuries are often devastating or fatal. The fault may lie in the truck driver, the loading crew, maintenance, the trucking company or manufacturer.

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