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Family Law Mediators

Our family law mediators are highly trained and experienced in negotiating reasonable, practical, and long-term solutions for clients. Through the use of mediation, we assist our clients in resolving their disputes outside of court.

What is family law mediation?

Family law mediation allows couples with or without lawyers to work with an unbiased third-party mediator. The mediator will help the parties identify any issues, effectively communicate with each other, and reach a fair and mutually beneficial solution. Mediation empowers families to resolve disputes themselves, using a wide array of tools, in a safe, supported, and professional environment, rather than having a result imposed on them by the court.

Since mediation is completely confidential, all communications made in mediation will be kept private and without prejudice and cannot be subpoenaed or otherwise requested from the mediator for future legal proceedings in the event that mediation fails.

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How can a mediator help you?

Mutual decisions reached by both parties have a higher chance of lasting a long time and of being honoured compared to solutions that are imposed by a court of law. A mediator is able to assist parties in the process of reaching a mutual decision by helping them better communicate, by framing legal issues and offering legal information, and by explaining any legal implications that could arise based on the solution that is decided upon.

Compared to litigation and going to trial which can be time consuming and expensive, family law mediation can help parties reach a mutually beneficial solution in a matter of months not years. Mediation can also help minimize the emotional toll often associated with family law matters by focusing on preserving and improving family relationships rather than focusing on the negative aspects of a relationship.

Why choose Linley Welwood for family law mediation?

While having a lawyer advocate on your behalf in a court of law by emphasizing the best parts of your case and the worst parts of your former spouse’s case might seem appealing at first, undergoing the litigation process can be extremely stressful, time-consuming, and expensive.

At Linley Welwood, we want to make the divorce process as conflict-free as possible by helping you and your partner reach an amicable resolution practically, efficiently, and creatively. By empowering both parties to solve their problem in a respectful and mutually beneficial manner, our mediator can help promote healing and allow both parties to continue healthy personal relationships.

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What our clients are saying about our family law mediation

“Going through the marital separation process is a daunting, stressful, and intimidating task. Working with Emily Anderson as a mediator made the experience much more manageable and less confrontational with successful results. Emily is a very intuitive and discerning communicator who seeks to educate, support, and provide legal information to assist her clients in reaching a fair settlement for both parties. She’s professional, approachable, responds to questions and concerns in a timely fashion, and shows great sensitivity to the complex nature of each situation. Her explanations and applications of legal knowledge were so beneficial and helpful in understanding how to navigate the decision-making process. Mediation is a very cost-efficient method to achieve the required results. I highly recommend Emily as a mediator who genuinely cares about her clients and commits herself to achieving the best possible outcome.”
~ Client S.G.

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Crystal Arbour, Associate Lawyer and Mediator

Crystal is an experienced Family law lawyer, and certified Family mediator focused on achieving positive outcomes for her clients and their families through negotiation.


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Common questions
about family law mediation.
  • How does family law mediation work?
  • Why choose Linley Welwood for family law mediation?
  • How long does family law mediation take?

How does family law mediation work?

Family law mediation works to help families resolve disputes in a safe, supported, and professional environment while also keeping their affairs private and confidential. In most cases, mediation will be held at the mediator’s office or another mutually agreeable neutral place. While the parties involved in mediation may or may not have lawyers, when lawyers are present, the parties are encouraged to work with the mediator and to confer with their lawyers on any legal issues. Issues which can be mediated include property and personal division, parenting time, support, and a wide range of other topics which are pivotal to family life.

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Why choose Linley Welwood for family law mediation?

In most cases, family law mediation tends to be significantly less expensive than going to court. While the average cost of a trial that lasts up to five days averages around $27,1951 (not including expenses for the many proceedings and appearances required before reaching the trial stage), family law mediation usually costs around $2,7002 and the cost is split between both parties.

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How long does family law mediation take?

Mediators are available for both video conferencing and in-person meetings to assist parties dealing with separation. In most cases, family law mediation can help resolve matters in months rather than the years it can take to resolve a case through litigation.

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