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Peter Stauffer, Lawyer in Abbotsford

Peter completed his Bachelor of Business Administration at Trinity Western University. In 2017 Peter earned his law degree from Peter A. Allard School at the University of British Columbia and was called to the bar in 2018.

Peter S

Areas of Practice

  • Real Estate
  • Development
  • Corporate Commercial
  • Wills, Estates & Trusts


  • Received Juris Doctor in 2017
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More about Peter

Peter is a solicitor who advises clients on a wide variety of real estate and development, corporate/commercial, and estate planning matters, including setting up appropriate corporate structures, asset and share transactions, shareholder agreements, and the acquisition, financing, leasing, development, and sale of commercial and residential properties.

In his spare time, Peter enjoys spending his time with his wife and three sons, cycling, skiing, and watersports.

Peter Stauffer

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Bar Admissions

  • British Columbia, 2018


  • University of British Columbia, Faculty of Law, Vancouver, BC
  • Trinisty Western University, Faculty of Business, Langley, BC

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