When Pain Doesn’t End

Pain is part of almost every accident. When it doesn’t heal on its own, it can affect every part of your life, and make everything, including further healing, more difficult.

Linley Welwood’s personal injury lawyers will help you claim for pain that doesn’t heal.

What Is Chronic Pain?

Unfortunately, chronic pain can be difficult both to describe and diagnose. Different doctors have different definitions for what “chronic pain” means, having to do with how long your pain takes to resolve itself and how much it affects your life. When you come in, we will talk about the different ways that ICBC — and the court — may treat your chronic pain injury claim, depending on whether it has healed and how extensive it is.

As part of getting you compensation, our lawyers will:

  • Prove your pain: There are no X-rays that can show pain itself, but many conditions are known to be very painful. Particularly if you have suffered from spinal injury, whiplash or soft tissue injury, we will tie your injuries to the pain you are suffering.
  • Prove that it was caused by the accident: Unfortunately, sometimes it’s not easy to show that your pain is connected to the injury, especially if you had health problems before the accident. It can also complicate matters if the pain doesn’t really set in until some time after the accident, which is common with soft tissue injuries. We will work with your medical and rehabilitation specialists to show that the pain is injury-related or that any previous discomfort was made worse by the accident.
  • Show the costs associated with it: Pain, especially chronic pain, can make it difficult to do just about everything. We will show that your pain can make it difficult to concentrate, move, lift things, work for extended periods of time, or take care of yourself and your family.

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