Psychological Injury: It’s Not About “Getting Over It”

Accidents are traumatic in some way. Even if there is no permanent damage, the shock of a motor vehicle accident or other type of accident itself and the pain of recovery, can cause psychological trauma that can last long after the rest of your life is back to normal. Nightmares, panic attacks and feelings of sadness and hopelessness are not uncommon.

Linley Welwood’s psychological injury lawyers are familiar with the kind of devastating emotional after-effects of accidents. We’re familiar with how they can impact your health and recovery.

We’re also familiar with the difficulties that accident victims can face when trying to get compensation for psychological damage and emotional challenges after an accident.

Light In The Darkness

We have a number of trusted medical professionals to refer to, who can help both with your recovery and with getting the proper compensation for psychological damage from ICBC or other insurance companies. Our personal injury lawyers, staff and medical professionals can help with:

  • Diagnosis: Clients often suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), particularly after a serious accident that involved family members. Many also suffer from anxiety, especially over the future. For many clients who are seriously injured, disabled or dealing with chronic pain injury or brain damage, depression can also make recovery more difficult.
  • Treatment: Many of our clients need help to deal with their emotional symptoms. It does not help when family, friends, insurance agents — and sometimes even injured clients themselves — seem to believe that all that’s needed is to “get over it” and “be strong.” We can help you connect to professionals who will help you make progress.
  • Compensation: You may be unable to concentrate or control your emotional reactions. You may suffer memory problems. This may interfere with your ability to go to work at all, or to work full-time at your pre-accident level. Your personal life may also be affected, if you are unable to care for your family and have to hire help. We can quantify your losses and expenses, and claim for them.

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