Sprains, Strains And Tears: Soft Tissue Injury Claims

Soft tissues include the muscles, ligaments and tendons. Injuries such as bruises, sprains, strains and tears are common during an accident, in which your body may be wrenched suddenly. Immediately after an accident they are sometimes obscured by more obvious and dramatic injuries such as broken bones.

Because of this, and because many soft tissue injuries resolve themselves soon after the accident, it can be difficult to get compensation for your injuries if they persist over time.

Unfortunately, the pain and discomfort of a soft tissue injury can affect every part of your life.

Linley Welwood can help you quantify your losses and your needs, get medical support, and obtain the compensation you need.

Identifying And Quantifying The Effects Of Your Injury

Since they are not visible and can be difficult to find through X-rays and MRIs, it can be easy for insurers and doctors to dismiss your pain. You may know that you are in pain, sometimes chronic and debilitating, but it may be difficult to get anyone to take you seriously. The lack of proof, belief and help can result in depression and hopelessness.

We’ll take you seriously and help you show proof of your pain.

When you come to see us, our lawyers will discuss a number of issues related to your injury, including:

  • Type: This refers to whether your injury is a sprain (stretch or tear of a ligament), strain (damage to muscle or tendon), tendonitis (caused by repetitive stress) or whiplash, caused by sudden movements of the head and neck. Some soft tissue injuries are a result of other injuries, such as repetitive stress caused by straining one side of your body in an effort to overcompensate for broken bones on the other side.
  • Effects: These can include stiffness, lack of full range of motion, chronic pain and emotional effects.
  • Timeline: Often soft tissue injuries don’t make themselves known until some time after the accident. This may make the ICBC claim that they were not caused by the accident, but by other injury or degeneration.

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