Estate Planning Lawyers in Abbotsford, BC

The personal and financial consequences of neglected or poorly done estate planning can be devastating. Our personable and experienced estate planning lawyers have “seen it all” and can help you make plans and implement them to head off family messes, litigation, taxation problems and other pitfalls you may not have considered. Powers of Attorney, Representation Agreements, Advance Health Care Directives, Preparation of Wills, Family Trusts, Alter Ego Trusts, Disability Trusts, corporate estate freezes – these and more are tools for us to help you shape the present and future plans, which suit your individual situation. Our estate planning lawyers can assist you with everything from disputes and estate litigation to probate and administration.

If you are the executor or heir of a deceased person, we can help you with probate of the Will, application for appointment of an Administrator if there is no Will, dealing with creditors, beneficiaries, taxes, property evaluations and disposal, disputed estates, foreign property, taxation and the like.

If you feel you have a claim to a greater interest to an estate than what was left you, or if you are an executor and are responding to such a claim, our team has a proven history of assisting clients in Wills Variation and breach of trust claims.

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