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If you feel that you have a claim to an interest in an estate greater than what was left to you, or if you are an executor and are responding to such a claim, our team has a proven track record of assisting clients in wills variation claims.

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Wills variation claims • Abbotsford, BC

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Common questions
about wills variation.
  • What is wills variation?
  • Why work with Linley Welwood for wills variation?

What is wills variation?

After a will has been made and probated, the court can review it and determine whether or not it fairly provides for the testator’s spouse and children. If the will is unfair, a spouse or child can vary the will by having a lawyer commence a claim to make sure that the will adequately provides for their client’s needs.

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Why work with Linley Welwood for wills variation?

In the event that a will does not fairly provide for the testator’s children or spouse, the professional team from Linley Welwood can represent you in court to ensure that the will is varied to give you what is fair. Our team is highly experienced in wills variation litigation, so you can rest assured knowing that your case is in the best hands and that we will fight for your interests.

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